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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How does the Calendar Year work?

The Challenge goes for one year from the date you log your first miles so you can start anytime.

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2. Will I get a Finishing Medal?

Premium Users get a medal sent to them when they log 1000 miles in a calendar year.

3. If I start later in the year and finish the following year what medal will I get?

If you are a premium user you will get a medal when you log 1000 miles for the year in which you finished the challenge.

4. So I have to Log my activity manually?

You can log your miles manually or select one of your favorite apps to import your miles from.

5. Do you have your own app?

Our site is mobile responsive but we don’t have a tracking app. We allow you to use your favorite app or log your miles manually.

6. Do I get a t-shirt?

Premium Users get a t-shirt mailed to them upon registration.

7. How can I contact you?

You can use the red feedback button on the left of the screen or you can email us at 

8. Can I count my training miles for other events?

Please do, those are valuable miles and this is how you will get credit for them aside from your own satisfaction and improvement.

9. How do I get reminder or motivation emails?

If you choose to you can select this option in My Account Settings.

10. What do I do if my miles are not importing from my App?

Please let us know using the red feedback button on the left of the screen. This will help us be better for everyone.

11. How do I invite my friends?

Invite your friends to join you by using the Build Your Team feature. Then make sure you add them to your team from their profile page once they have joined.

12. Can I see or comment on my friends or team members runs?

Please do they will like this and feel important if you are nice and encouraging.

13. How do I get notices that someone has commented on my activity?

You will see a number in the upper right corner next you your photo. You can also choose to get an email notice. This setting can be found in My Account Settings.

14. Can I reset my start date?

Yes you can set your start date to any date you choose.

15. How do I see different things on the Leaderboard?

You can choose from different features on the Leaderboard and these will keep improving.

16. How can I find my friend or Team Member?

Search for them with their name or email in the search field above the Recent Runs Feed.

17. Where can I view my friends or team members?

Once they have been added to your team then you can view their posts easily in the Team Activity Tab located in the Activity Feed.

18. How do I change my photo?

Photo can be changed by clicking the blue My Account button and then going into Profile.

19. Why post “Why I Run?

Get real with the community and the community will get real with you. Add value and receive value in return. Inspire and be inspired. You never know how you might impact someone else.

20. I don’t’ remember my Password?

You can reset your password by clicking Reset Password below and to the right of the the login fields on the login page

21. How can I make it easier to Login each time?

Set your login to Login through facebook, Twitter or Google +

22. What happens once I Run 1000 Miles?

First off you will turn into a Unicorn. JK If you are a Premium Member you will automatically be sent the super awesome medal. Then you choose to keep running or reset your miles and do it over again. If you have year left keep running there will continue to be benefits.

23. Will I loose my previous miles if I reset my runs?

No, all your prior miles will stay in the system and be valuable to you in the future.

24. What happens once the calendar year ends?

Your year will automatically reset. Your old miles will still be viewable, but not count for the new challenge year.

25. How can I contribute my expertise?

We welcome your contribution in the form of feedback or advice to the community. Use the red Feedback button to the left of the screen for now. This will improve in time.

26. How can I get better?

One foot in front of the other. Soon we will be offering Training Schedules and advice in several formats in the near future.

27. Can I get a list of the Virtual Awards?

Heck no! This is part of the fun. Surprise! Actually the virtual awards will be improving and you will be able to see fun ones that you can work toward. Soon, Very Soon!

28. Why don’t you have My Favorite App?

Because we don’t like it. Not really! If you don’t see it let us know. It’s either on our list or we don’t know about it. Give us a shout out on the Feedback tool.

29. Can my Grandma do this and walk the whole way?

We have Grandparents running the challenge and it’s pretty impressive. AND… if you need to walk from time to time, who are we to deny that? Please enjoy! Just Do!

30. What’s your mission?

Inspiring Humanity to Move and Improve.

31. What about Charity?

We have been working on and exciting component to allow runners to be “Sponsored” for a charity. Friends and family can donate to motivate and you just pick who/what you’re running for. This will be available very soon.

32. Why don’t my awards show up?

If you think you earned an award that is not showing up in either the trophy case or the recent runs feed please let us know by using the red Feedback button on the left of the screen.